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Nature Preserves
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Adams County      (Back to top)

Munro Nature Preserve
Hartford Township
1994 25.6 0.5 Parking Lot
Site of the Brushwood school house

Allen County      (Back to top)

Barrett (James M. & Patricia D.) Nature Preserve
Perry Township (& Dekalb Co.)
1995 87  N/A Closed to Public  Life Estate
Bicentennial Woods Nature Preserve
Perry Township
1994 79 2.6 Parking Lot
Willow Creek, Arnolds Oaks (over 200 years old)
Blue Cast Springs
Maumee Township
2012 87  1.1 Parking Lot
Maumee river, natural spring
Cedar Creek Bottoms Nature Preserve
Perry Township
2004 36 N/A Closed to Public Cedar Creek
Cypress Meadow Nature Preserve
Lafayette Township
2004 19 0.6 Parking area
Cypress trees, pond
Dustin (Tom & Jane) Nature Preserve
Perry Township
2005, 2004, 1991 71.8  1.1 Parking Lot
ACRES Office, Cedar Creek
Fogwell Forest Nature Preserve
Lafayette Township
2002, 1976 61.3 0.6 Parking Lot
Older growth forest
Fox Fire Woods Nature Preserve
Cedar Creek Township
1974 7.9 0.5 Parking area
Named for fungus that glows in the dark
Hammer (Herman F.) Wald Nature Preserve
Springfield Township
1989 70 0.8 Parking Lot
 Beech - Maple and successional forest
Johnson (Robert C. and Rosella C.)
Perry Township
2004 12.35 0.6 Parking Lot
Adjacent to Dustin and Whitehurst N.P.’s
Preserve Guide
Jessie's Woods Nature Preserve
Perry Township
1996 30  N/A Closed to Public Limited access 
Little Cedar Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Preserve
Perry Township
1997 19  0.9 Closed to Public
Little Cedar Creek, floodplain forest 
Closed as of 1/1/16 for invasive species control
Little Wabash River Nature Preserve
Lafayette Township
2004 24.3 0.6 Parking Lane
Variety of trees, pond - Closed November 1st thru January 31st for permitted hunting
Maumee River Overlook
Maumee Township
1976 0.9 0.1 Parking area
Maumee River
McNabb-Walter Nature Preserve
Springfield Township
1982 192.2 1.3 Parking Lot
St. Joseph River, former maple sugar camp
Mengerson Nature Preserve
St. Joseph Township
1989 36.2 1.0 Parking Lot
Within Allen Co. city limits, successional forest
Orion Woods
Cedar Creek Township
2009 30 N/A Closed to Public  Reserved Life Estate
Popp (Emanuel M.) Nature Preserve
Cedar Creek Township
1996 40 N/A Closed to Public  Reserved Life Estate
Raymond and Mildred Wetter Nature Preserve
Maumee Township
2012 40 N/A Closed to Public Reserved Life Estate
Lake Civil Township
2014 107 0.7 Parking Lot Contains shoreline of Lake Everett
Vandolah Nature Preserve
Perry Township
1989 47  1.5 Parking Lot
Cedar Creek 
Whitehurst Nature Preserve
Perry Township
1991 4  0.1 Parking Lot Adjancent to Dustin and Johnson N.P.'s
Preserve Guide
Yellow River Road Property
Lake Township
2004 4 N/A Closed to Public
Farm Lease

Blackford County       (Back to top)

Kenneth Goble Nature Preserve 2009 97.64   Closed to public Life Estate, Salamonie River

Dekalb County      (Back to top)

Parts of Barrett N.P. (Allen Co.)
      Closed to Public  Life Estate
2014 96 0.67 Parking Lot Cedar Creek

Fulton County      (Back to top)

Ruth Kern Woodland Preserve
Richland Township
2007 149.3 1.6  Parking Lot
Tippencanoe River - Closed from October 15th thru January 15th due to permitted hunting

Huntington County      (Back to top)

Doermann (Paul E. & W. Ernestine) Nature Preserve
Huntington Township
2004 36.2  N/A Closed to Public Life Estate
Huntington Township
2012 100  2.0 Parking Lot
Natural Spring
Tel-Hy Nature Preserve
Huntington Township
1997, 1994 39.4 1.1 Parking Lot
Wabash River, Outhouse collection

Jay County      (Back to top)

Bibler Nature Preserve
Pike Township
1992 104.5 1.7 Parking Lot
Inspired the book Back Home Again by Lois Bibler
Madison Township School Nature Preserve
Madison Township
1994 27.3 0.9 Parking Lot
Site of Madison Township School

Kosciusko County      (Back to top)

Bock Nature Preserve
Prairie Township
2007 46.83 1.1 Parking Lot
Glacial till pond, native grasslands
Glennwood Nature Preserve
Prairie Township
2003 36.7 0.8 Parking Lot
Willetts Lake, circum-neutral bog
Wildwood Nature Preserve
Lake Township
2002 237.8 4.8 Parking Lot
Vernal pools, wetlands and prairie 

LaGrange County      (Back to top)

Culp (G. Richard & Mary H.) Nature Preserve
Newbury Township
2003 20 0.5 Parking Lot
pond, wildflowers, topography
Fawn River Nature Preserve
Greenfield Township
1997, 1996 135.2 1.0 Parking Lot
Fawn River, former sugar maple camp, kettle ponds
Indian River Nature Preserve
Clearspring Township
1999  29.2 N/A Canoe Access Only  Indian River
Maplewood Nature Preserve
Bloomfield Township
1990 29.6 2.2 Parking Lot
Adjacent to Maplewood County Park 
Marsh Wren Nature Preserve
Johnson Township
2000 50 0.3 Parking Lot
The Spreads on the Elkhart River
Martin Lake Nature Preserve
Johnson Township
1983 5 N/A Closed to Public  Limited Access
Stark (Jack L.) Nature Preserve
Lima Township
2004 41.2 Yes Parking Lot
Pigeon River

Miami County      (Back to top)

Seven Pillars Nature Preserve
Butler Township
1992 147.3 1.1 Parking Lot
Mississinewa River
Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa Landmark
Butler Township
1982 1
Parking Lot
Mississinewa River, 25 foot limestone pillars

Noble County      (Back to top)

Badger (Florence) Nature Preserve
Swan Township   
2002 36.0 0.4 Parking Lot
Bender (Lloyd W.) Memorial Forest Nature Preserve
York Township
1966 116.3 1.3 Parking Lot
Elkhart River wetlands
Detering Nature Preserve
In Kendallville
1994 54  0.7 Parking Lot
Round Lake 
Gates (Ralph F.) Nature Preserve
Noble Township
1977 1 0.1 Parking Lot  Access thru IDNR Crooked Lake N.P.
Hammer (Art) Wetlands Nature Preserve
Elkhart Township
1986 373 0.5 Parking Lots
Waldron Lake, wetlands 
Lonidaw Nature Preserve
Wayne Township
1979 30.2 0.8 Parking Lot
Little Whitford Lake
Nevin (Scott & Mary Frances) Nature Preserve
Green Township
2003 99.3  N/A Closed to Public  Life Estate
Spurgeon (Edna W.) Woodland Reserve
Elkhart Township
1964, 1961 65 1.2 Parking Lot
Sandy Kames (The Knobs)
Tamarack Property
Orange Township
2003 9.8 N/A Closed to Public Limited Access 

Paulding County (Ohio)      (Back to top)

Flat Rock Creek Nature Preserve
Washington Township
2008 50  0.8 Parking Lot
 Upland and floodplain forest
Preserve Guide

Steuben County      (Back to top)

Ball Lake Nature Preserve
Otsego Township
1995 27 0.3 Roadside Parking
Ball Lake 
Beechwood Nature Preserve
Jamestown Township
2000, 1964 89.8 1.7 Parking Lot
Adjacent to Pokagon State Park, Oak - savanna restoration 
Brammall (Terry & Nancy) Nature Preserve
Scott Township
2004 80 1.6 Parking Lot
Pigeon Lake
Foster (Charles J.) Nature Preserve
Jamestown Township
 2000  2.7  0.1 Walk-in Only
Access from Beechwood N.P., Little Otter Lake
Majneri (Muriel C.) Nature Preserve
Jamestown Township
 2000 0.8   0.1 Walk-in Only
Access from Beechwood N.P., Little Otter Lake
Marion Woods
 2012 19.5  0.5 TBA
Oak, hickory and cherry trees. Wetlands, mature trees.
Robb Hidden Canyon Nature Preserve
Otsego Township
1995 65 1.3 Parking Lot
Fish Creek, canyons 
Ropchan Memorial Nature Preserve
Millgrove Township
1973 79 1.0 Parking Lot
Part of Ropchan Cooperative Project
Ropchan (Sam & Adeline) Wildlife Refuge
Fremont Township
1976 184 3.4 Parking Lot
Cemetary Lake,  adjacent to IDNR wetland conservation area 
Wing Haven Nature Preserve
Pleasant Township
1983 262.5 1.9 Parking Lot
Seven Sisters Lakes, 19th century log buildings
Woodland Bog Nature Preserve
Scott Township
1965 20 0.6 Roadside Parking
Swamp forest, ferns 

Wabash County      (Back to top)

Noble Township
2010 160  N/A Parking Lot
Asher Creek, Maple Sugar Operation, Aviary, and Nature Center
Hanging Rock
Lagro Township
2009 3.93 0.1 Parking Lot
Register of national natural landmarks
Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run
Lagro Township
2007 72  1.8 Parking Lot
Ross Run, exposed bedrock streambed, waterfall 
Kokiwanee Nature Preserve
Lagro Township
2003 139.5 5.3 Parking Lots
Salamonie Gorge formations, waterfalls
Mary Thornton Nature Preserve
Lagro Township
2008 15.0 0.5 Parking Lot
Flat woods forest

Wells County      (Back to top)

Acres Along the Wabash Nature Preserve
Lancaster Township
1973 86.7 2.5 Parking Lot
Wabash River, Limited mobility trail, interpretive geology panel
Hammer (Anna Brand) Nature Preserve
Jefferson Township
1982 40 0.5 Parking Lot
Tree hike signs
Peace Farm Nature Preserve 2012 24 N/A Closed to Public
Life estate

Whitley County      (Back to top)

Dygert (Evelyn & Wendell) Nature Preserve
Thorncreek Township
2001 134 2.2 Parking Lot
Ravines, wildlife
Kessler (Savoy & Agnes) Nature Preserve
Thorncreek Township
2000 1.3  N/A Closed to Public  Potential to expand
Richey Woods Nature Preserve
Union Township
2001 80.6  N/A Closed to Public Life Estate