Preserve Description

This preserve takes its name from the Miami word for “peace.” A small pond near the entrance mirrors surrounding trees and shrubs, giving you a feeling of peace just before you enter the forested area. Rolling upland woods are dominated by oak and hickory trees, with some maple, beech and black cherry. This upland forest is dissected by a number of 20-foot-deep ravines brought about by natural erosion. The mixture of wide and narrow trails makes this preserve a pleasure to hike.

Notice, June 2018: Walking Pehkokia Woods soon? Enjoy! And note: Construction crews are re-establishing a forested wetland near this man-made pond at the entrance, planting trees and breaking tile to return natural water flow here and in the the back of the preserve. They will also move parking closer to the road.

Construction traffic is directed to stay on the main trail only. Trails are open, but heads up that this preserve experience will be quite different soon and for a little while. After construction? Naturally, thanks to member support, this place will only improve. Happy hiking!

  • Address:

    1570 Flaxmill Road, Huntington, IN 46750

  • County:


  • Acreage:

    97.1 acres

  • Trail Length:

    1.9 miles

  • Trail Difficulty:

  • Year(s) Acquired:


Preserve Guide

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