For 32 years, volunteers managed ACRES Land Trust.

Today, this spirit of community service is alive and well here at ACRES. With only nine staff members supporting our work in 27 counties full time, we rely on volunteer support to serve our community.

Explore our opportunities below!


Check out the upcoming workdays and cleanups that take place at ACRES preserves. The events are updated every season and may include litter cleanups, invasive species workdays and or native seed collections.

Cleanups and workdays are open to the public and do not require a volunteer application to join.


Schedule a workday with us for your club, company or team. Workdays can involve litter cleanups, invasive plant removal, seed collections, outreach projects and more. The time, location and activity are flexible.
For more information, contact Reena Ramos at [email protected] or by calling
260-637-2273 ext. 109.


Become a regular part of the volunteer team by completing our online application.  For more information, contact Reena Ramos at [email protected] or by calling 260-637-2273 ext. 109.

The application will help you find your fit with ACRES. Choose from a variety of ongoing volunteer positions and receive a monthly email newsletter with other opportunities.

Trail Monitoring

Regularly walk a trail, picking up trash, clearing light debris and reporting conditions to staff.

Preserve Steward

Adopt a trail system and commit to keeping it clean and clear for visitors. You must own, transport and operate your own equipment.

Native Garden Volunteer

Help keep the native plant beds at the ACRES Office tidy and welcoming to visitors.

Outreach Volunteer

Lend your customer-service skills to programs and events, such as open house events and booths.

Are you an ACRES Volunteer? Thank you for your service! 

We appreciate your interest in investing your time, skills and energy in protecting land!

Volunteers join together to clean up hundreds of tires along Flowers Creek