Together, We Can Protect Local Land Forever

Will you help ACRES make this a record-breaking season for land protection? Recent and upcoming land acquisitions total 915 acres, meaning the amount of land ACRES owns and protects is about to increase by 14 percent!

These acquisitions include eleven properties with a combined value of almost $10.5 million. Thanks to the full donation and discounted purchase of most of these properties, ACRES will acquire them for a fraction of that! We have about 2.6% to go!

We need your help to raise the remaining $281,524 to cover the costs associated with protecting these places.

Your gift will directly support vital forests, wetlands, grasslands and rare habitats. Together, we can ensure that they will remain intact for centuries to come.

Project Description County Acreage Value Current Need
Heinzerling Expansion DeKalb County 62 $753,500 $24,500
Shingle Oak Ridge Fulton County 114 $962,500 $77,024
Unnamed Project Elkhart County 203 $2,410,000 COMPLETE
LaSalle Family Natural Area Cedar Creek Corridor 75 $1,386,000 $126,000
Unnamed Project Fulton County 74 $594,000 $54,000
Totals 528 $6,106,000 $281,524

Your gift of $20 or more includes ACRES membership:

  • You will receive exclusive invitations to unique events — art workshops, book discussions and guided hikes at closed preserves
  • ACRES will mail you a 20-page full color, Quarterly publication each season with stories about the land you help protect
  • You will experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are taking responsibility for what matters to you.