Robb Hidden Canyon

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Address 425 Lane 201, Ball Lake, Hamilton, IN 46742
County Steuben
Acreage 87.5 acres
Trail length 1.7 miles
Trail difficulty
Year Acquired 1995, 2008
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State Dedicated Preserve

Robb Hidden Canyon is a steep-sided ravine with a clear stream running through it. There are beech and maple trees on the slopes, and a grassy meadow at the top from which a visitor has a panoramic view of Ball Lake. Beneath the trees on the slopes grow bishop’s cap, jewelweed, rue anemone, wild phlox, black cohosh, spring beauty, Virginia waterleaf and large-flowered trillium. In the trees are scarlet tanagers, indigo buntings, wood thrushes and rose-breasted grosbeaks.

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