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Address 6830 N. 750 W, Orland, IN 46776
County Steuben
Acreage 80.0 acres
Trail length 1.3 miles
Trail difficulty
Year Acquired 1973, 1974, 1975, 2001
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State Dedicated Preserve

Here are a ridge moraine, a kettle-hole lake and boulders from rocky outcrops farther north, all visible evidence of the passing of the great glaciers. The low wetland was once an acidic bog with sphagnum moss and cranberries. Now tamarack, yellow birch and red maple grow there along with tussocks of cinnamon fern, mountain holly and winterberry. On the drier land is an oak/hickory forest with red, white and black oak, as well as shagbark hickory, and in the understory are sassafras, dogwood and hazelnut. The varied habitat means a variety of birds and wildflowers are present.

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