Preserve Description

Although the hum of Interstate 69 is ever-present at this preserve, the woods and wetlands here serve as reminders of how this area looked before the highway and subsequent development transformed the region.

James and Rebecca Vandolah moved to the area in 1837, raising a large family on the homestead. The property remained in the family for four generations before the Vandolahs’ great-grandson, (Charles) Byron “Barney” Stellhorn, gifted the land to ACRES.

Visitors can enjoy views of Cedar Creek from a high escarpment, as well as trails through old fields, by a marsh and across ravines. Beneath the trees, twinleaf, hepatica, Dutchman’s breeches, bloodroot and rue anemone bloom in spring, and in the wetland, wood ducks and great blue and green herons are frequently seen.

  • Address:

    16151 Tother Road, Leo, IN 46765

  • County:

    Cedar Creek Corridor

  • Acreage:

    47 acres

  • Trail Length:

    1 miles

  • Trail Difficulty:

  • Year(s) Acquired:


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