Preserve Description

Spring Lake Woods and Bog has long been recognized as significant to preservationists due to its sphagnum bog, orchids, pitcher plants and plant life distinctive to northern muckland woods.

The preserve protects the shoreline of Lake Everett, Allen County’s only natural lake. It is also home to the rare four-toed salamander and features distinctive plant life including cypress-knee sedge, skunk cabbage and large cinnamon ferns.

Deep in the bog, plant life is sensitive, and the ground is not solid enough for trails. The bog smells like rotten eggs and is surrounded by poison sumac. To protect the bog, this preserve’s trail does not go near the bog.

  • Address:

    12905 Lake Everett Drive
    Fort Wayne, IN 46818

  • County:


  • Acreage:

    106.7 acres

  • Trail Length:

    0.7 miles

  • Trail Difficulty:

  • Year(s) Acquired:


Preserve Guide

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