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Something life-changing happened to Indiana native Kevin McKelvey in 2006 in Costa Rica. After a frustrating search for an elusive bird, he returned to the United States with a new perspective on wildlife, people, and place. Enjoy McKelvey’s fascinating tale as part of the backstory of ACRES’ 200-year Ecological Reflections initiative at Wing Haven Preserve. ...
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Although Josie has lived on the west coast for more than 40 years, her roots in east-central Indiana run deep. She grew up as an only child in Muncie, and her father died when she was 7. On long drives to Madison, Indiana, to visit relatives, Josie observed the forests, rivers and open spaces, and ...
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Earlier this year, ACRES Land Trust kicked off our 200-year Ecological Reflections art and science initiative, curating works on Wing Haven, an ACRES preserve north of Angola. The initiative will commission and share two centuries of work by artists and scientists investigating and reflecting on Wing Haven over time. “It’s hard for most of us to ...
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