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Happy New Year ACRES friends! Here’s a quick snapshot review of where we’ve been in 2018. Will you join us in 2019? Winter Solstice Staff Outing | Victory Noll AcresThe Matchsellers gave us a sweet show in the ACRES Barn.The Language Company shared a hike and a presentation.Local author Ryan Schnurr led a hike at …

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Arrr, there be gold in them there hills, matey! If you’re looking for treasure this fall, look no farther than your local nature preserve. The trees are awash in golden and jewel colors. No shovel or pirate ship required. Each ACRES Land Trust preserve holds its own marvels, with unique flora and fauna, topography, and …

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For staff development, relationship building … and fun! …  the ACRES staff enjoys seasonal outings for each equinox or solstice. We aim to stay close to the land and the communities we serve, so we take these days out, closing the office and hitting the road. We meet regional partners, businesses, educators, farmers, or other …

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In the fall, helicopter sugar maple seeds brush your face as they spiral downward towards leaf-covered ground. “Sticktight” beggars cling to your clothes as you explore an ACRES preserve near you. These seeds are the result of a partnership that has remained intact without a legal contract for millions of years … a partnership between …

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Lauren Farrell, an intern from Huntington North High School, shares her experiences and her view on preserving natural places – for good. Lauren Farrell, an intern from Huntington North High School, shares her passion for the outdoors and her work with ACRES over the past 4 months: Because of my interest in nature and the …

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Every fall we all set our clocks back, but we each approach the extra hour differently, some sleeping in, others simply appreciating the luxury of extra “found” time. I see autumn as a slowing of pace, the perfect time for us to take note of nature, to take stock of what happened during the busy …

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