Posted by: Bridgett Hernandez

  • 11/11/2021

Capturing Changing Seasons

Local artist Gwen Gutwein has gifted ACRES with four oil paintings depicting the changing seasons at Mackel Nature Preserve in Allen County’s Cedar Creek Corridor. The paintings capture the confluence of Little Cedar Creek into Cedar Creek in the distance. Gutwein, an ACRES member, created these works over the past year.

“ACRES is such an important part of my life, our community and our state,” she said. “I want to honor ACRES for the many gifts I have received from your devotion to our natural and beautiful land. I am a regular visitor of ACRES sites and appreciate the trails I have roamed over many years.”

Gutwein was astounded at the difference in the water level throughout the seasons.

“The results of the flowing water on the banks of the creek and the debris the water left behind were such an interesting component. I hadn’t anticipated the amazing differences captured in my many painting sketches and photographs taken throughout the year,” she said.

Mackel Nature Preserve, located in the largest forested corridor in Allen County, protects 34 acres of streams, wildflowers and a floodplain forest. Click through the slideshow to see Gutwein’s paintings titled “Four Seasons at the Confluence.”

Thank you, Gwen, for capturing the beauty of this forever-protected place and sharing your talent with ACRES!

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