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  • 06/12/2021

ACRES membership makes all of this possible

A letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Acquiring land, managing land, managing people (members, preserve visitors, volunteers, neighbors) and running the business aspects of ACRES comprise 95% of ACRES overall efforts. Our Quarterly newsletter primarily shares information about those activities. However, I want to give you a glimpse into other important activities comprising the remaining 5% of effort, activities that your support of ACRES makes possible.

Protecting land beyond ACRES ownership or direct involvement:
• Giving general advice to private landowners on how to manage their land
• Helping other land trusts with policy development or general advice
• Referring landowners to other organizations when ACRES isn’t the best fit for their land
• Assisting Indiana DNR’s purchase of land for nature preserves
• Participating in the creation of comprehensive plans for three counties

Facilitating acceptable use of ACRES properties by other nonprofits as they fulfill their missions:
• Supporting forest preschool programs
• Accommodating outdoor religious services
• Providing venue for homeschool, private and traditional K-12 field trips

• Allowing university research projects on ACRES properties
• Conducting Massasauga rattlesnake inventory
• Coordinating research at Wing Haven as part of our 200-year Ecological Reflection

• Relocating historic barn to partner nonprofit
• Relocating historic log cabin to Spring Mill State Park
• Returning herbarium collected in 1857 to its original location in Germany

• Managing new barn construction and office renovation
• Adjusting use of preserves, office environment and events due to pandemic

Your support of ACRES does what you expect it to: it helps protect land and manage it well. In addition, a small portion of your support also allows these other important activities to occur. You are responsible for a lot of great things happening in nature—well done!

Thank you,

Jason Kissel
[email protected]
260-637-2273 ext. 102

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