Posted by: Bridgett Hernandez

  • 06/10/2022

Welcome, Summer 2022 Interns!

ACRES welcomes three stewardship interns this season. Learn about what we have in store for them and scroll down to read their bios.

As always, there is a lot on the summer to-do list, beginning with invasive species management on 200 acres along Cedar Creek. Over the next three years, these 200 acres will be covered multiple times. Follow-up spraying will also be completed on areas covered last year. The last two years, ACRES has restored nearly 200 acres of native habitat across our service area, all of which will require periodic maintenance.

Visitor amenity improvements at Asherwood and Acres along the Wabash will also begin, focusing on removing old boardwalks and bridges and replacing them where needed.

Interns can also expect to accompany a botanist while conducting a species inventory on an ACRES preserve. To aid in their professional development, each intern will also be given the opportunity to shadow a professional in the field they are most interested in. Many thanks to the Olive B. Cole Foundation for its support.

Jude Hoversland Purdue University

I am currently a freshman at Purdue University, majoring in Wildlife and considering a minor in Aquatic Sciences. I chose ACRES for my summer internship because I feel ACRES will help me in my future of forestry and natural resources, and I think their mission is great. I lived most of my life surrounded by woods, so I’ve done a lot of hunting, fishing and enjoying what nature has to offer.

Christopher Shively Trine University

I am a sophomore studying at Trine University, looking at pursuing a degree in either accounting or forestry at Purdue University. I grew up farming, and I love being outdoors. I enjoy hiking, hunting and camping. I am excited to be joining the ACRES crew and working hard to take care of the environment and animal habitats.

Tom Eyrich Purdue University

I am a junior currently majoring in Wildlife at Purdue University. I very much enjoy hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities. I am excited for my internship at ACRES as I believe it is an excellent opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in environmental management.

Welcome to the team, interns!