Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 12/01/2017

Valuing Your Gifts | $28.12 Adds Up

Dear Friends,

ACRES is fortunate to receive major monetary gifts from individuals and foundations. We often highlight these gifts through press releases and within the pages of the Quarterly. Although smaller donations don’t result in newspaper headlines, they are of immense value to ACRES. I want to share two recent examples of donations that had relatively small monetary worth, but huge value.

An eight-year-old girl named Emma recently made a donation of $10.25 to ACRES. She divides her money into three jars labeled “save,” “spend,” and “share.” Emma and her mom had picked up a Quarterly at their local library and learned about ACRES. Emma liked that ACRES provides homes for plants and animals and decided to empty her “share” jar. She sent in her money so ACRES could do more good.

The second gift came from a 75-year-old man named Jack. Jack is a trustee of a family foundation that was established by him and his late wife to provide financial support for land preservation projects. The foundation has a history of providing major gifts to ACRES and other non-profits. The foundation reached its planned lifespan, and during the course of dissolving the organization, Jack ended up with $17.87 left in the account that he donated to ACRES. Jack wanted the very last cent from this fund to benefit ACRES, as he believed his wife would have desired.

These gifts bode well for ACRES. Will the monetary value of these gifts ($28.12) secure ACRES’ financial future? No. But the true value they represent may. As long as ACRES continues to demonstrate its value in a way that inspires eight year olds, there is great hope in ACRES’ future. As long as ACRES’ reputation remains so stellar that a 75-year-old takes pride in associating his beloved wife’s memory with ACRES, there is great hope in ACRES’ future.

ACRES will likely receive several gifts of limited monetary value today and again tomorrow. But ACRES will never receive a “small” gift. Each gift demonstrates someone’s support of, and trust in ACRES — and that will never be viewed as a small thing.


Jason Kissel
Executive Director

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