Posted by: Bridgett Hernandez

  • 03/01/2022

Member Spotlight: Tedra Hemingway

ACRES member and volunteer Tedra Hemingway’s fascination with nature has touched every part of her life. Some of her happiest memories have been spending time outdoors. She remembers playing in the woods all day and mushroom hunting with her family in the springtime.

ACRES volunteer Tedra Hemingway

“When I was a child growing up, we were always outside,” she said.

Later on, nature would bring together Hemingway and her late husband, Ted. Thanks to their shared interests, the couple “just clicked.” “We were always in the woods hiking or bird watching. In the winter, we cross-country skied and downhill skied. We were always paying attention to what was outside,” she said.

About 10 years ago, while looking for a place to earn volunteer hours for the Indiana Master Naturalist program, Tedra and Ted were introduced to ACRES. They enjoyed their involvement with the organization and decided to become members.

“It’s an amazing organization, and it does such great things,” Hemingway said.

Now retired after teaching fourth grade for 26 years, Tedra considers volunteering an important part of her life. Her community service also includes volunteering for the Allen County Public Library’s Audio Reading Service Program which broadcasts reading newspapers, magazines and other materials to people who have difficulty reading printed material. Tedra has not only found it fulfilling to be able to support organizations that need help, she also has found a community of service-minded people.

“Once you start volunteering, you form a whole new community of people,” she said.

As an ACRES volunteer, she has helped lead hikes, provide event support and assemble and distribute the Quarterly. Hemingway has also enjoyed sharing ACRES with others— she gifted her hairdresser with a preserve guide and organized a hiking group among her friends.

Thank you, Tedra Hemingway, for sharing your time and your passion for nature with ACRES!