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ACRES newest trail system opened to the public Nov. 21. Enjoy a virtual tour of our first Michigan property. ACRES Land Trust acquired Kauffman Nature Sanctuary for permanent protection in 2019. Located in rolling Hillsdale County, the 78-acre preserve features approximately 1.15 miles of trails that wind through meadow, restored wetlands and forest. Sedges, willows ...
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Our friends at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo strive to make a difference for animals every day by participating in programs and initiatives to protect animals and their habitats. ACRES is excited to partner with the zoo to create and continue local conservation projects. Notice any weird wire towers while hiking at an ACRES preserve? ...
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In the fall, helicopter sugar maple seeds brush your face as they spiral downward towards leaf-covered ground. “Sticktight” beggars cling to your clothes as you explore an ACRES preserve near you. These seeds are the result of a partnership that has remained intact without a legal contract for millions of years … a partnership between ...
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This Saturday, 10 am, ACRES hosts a hike at Ropchan Memorial, 6830 N. 750 W, Orland, IN 46776. You’re invited to join ACRES’ volunteer Matt Dunno and naturalist Fred Wooley on the trail through this 80-acre state-dedicated nature preserve. This land tells many stories, stories of glacial change, of forests and wetlands and wildlife – ...
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