Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 04/09/2019

Member Volunteer Profile: Sue Diefenbach

“I feel like I’ve made a difference, and it’s been fun,” said Sue Diefenbach, reflecting on serving as ACRES’ recording secretary for the past 12 years.

Prior to retiring from her volunteer position at the end of 2018, Sue attended 71 board meetings, taking minutes and producing a near transcript of all conversations. New board members quickly learned that when they chose to speak at a board meeting, Sue would capture their comments for posterity!

Sue Diefenbach, pictured with her husband Al, served as ACRES’ recording secretary for the past 12 years, attending 71 board meetings and recording minutes.

Sue admits it wasn’t all fun: long strategic planning sessions weren’t always her preferred way to spend a Saturday. The three or four hours after board meetings revising and putting together minutes and narrative reports could be tedious at times, and sometimes it was hard to hold her tongue during meetings! But outweighing these negatives were the rewards: being able to document 12 years of history for the organization, seeing its growth and witnessing a string of new people providing leadership as they honored the intent of those who served before.

Sue and her husband, Al, live across the road from ACRES’ office, the former home of founders Tom and Jane Dustin. They have many fond memories of time spent with the Dustins—hiking, sharing meals, playing games.

“We feel so lucky living next to ACRES. We can still walk down the driveway and into the Dustins’ home. We can walk down their trails and help continue their dream. ACRES allows us to continue that relationship even now that they’re gone.”

Thank you, Sue, for being a great recording secretary, and for continuing to be a great neighbor, member and friend.

ACRES recording secretaries and length of service
Sue Diefenbach | 2006 – 2018
Frannie Headings | 1993 – 2005
Marion Eberhardt | 1976 – 1993
Jane Dustin, founding member | 1960 – 1976

Tom and Jane Dustin, two of ACRES founders, pictured with Tim Diefenbach on the occasion of his high school graduation. As neighbors and ACRES volunteers for decades, Sue says the families shared not only the work and joys of land preservation, but a life together.


Karen & Jon Briggs - August 16, 2020 - 6:56 pm

That’s our sister-in-law, and we’re always in awe of her wonderful accomplishments. Love you Sue.