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Are you headed into the woods, wetlands or prairies for your first, or first-in-a-long-time hike? Are you wondering what to bring, wear or even what you’ll see or what you can do in an ACRES preserve? While some folks are comfortable walking into the woods as they are, in all seasons, many people ask ACRES …

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“Biodiversity that should be there, and has potential to be there, is lost when a non-native species takes a foothold.” Casey Jones, director of land management, now in his fourth year with ACRES, has made managing non-native invasive plants a priority. While some people can walk through the woods, take in the lush, green views, …

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Article and photos by Fred Wooley, ACRES member, former Wing Haven caretaker and retired DNR Pokagon State Park naturalist Every growing season, changes take place in the wildflower world. Although we may not always consciously think about these changes, we may be noting them in our subconscious. They are as subtle as the changes in daylight when spring …

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When you help ACRES donors and members protect land, you’d better spend some time walking it, wondering over it – and working it. You also need to appreciate natural cycles. Last year, ACRES Land Trust staff launched quarterly staff development days in honor of seasonal changes. The ACRES Office is closed for the spring and …

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You’ve probably read about the Cedar Creek Corridor, but have you stood 80 feet over the creek and wondered how this dramatic topography happened? Right here? Tony Fleming, geologist and long-time ACRES member, shares the story of how a glacier carved Cedar Creek’s tunnel valley, from Lanham’s Promontory on the Tom and Jane Dustin Nature Preserve. …

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“Springy places” the early pioneers called them…probably because the pioneers frequently encountered springs of water emanating from these wet landscapes, or maybe because walking on these bouncy wetlands put a spring in their step. These globally rare ecosystems are also known as “fens” or “prairie fens.” Prairie fens are found in the glaciated regions of the upper Midwest: predominantly in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, …

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While spring has not yet officially sprung, the preserves are already increasingly active. Spring wildflowers are beginning to bloom and wildlife is returning. As hikers do the same, they’re capturing images and video of the hullabaloo. Enjoy these sights and sounds of early March from ACRES preserves across our region. This slideshow requires JavaScript.   …

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