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  • 08/12/2023

Welcome Janelle Windsor!

Welcome, Janelle Windsor!

ACRES advancement specialist, Janelle will support ACRES development, outreach and communication efforts. 

Janelle has been connected to ACRES Land Trust since 2006. She enjoys nature for various reasons: peace, social outings, spiritual devotion, education, and physical wellness. Over the years, she’s found joy in sharing ACRES preserves with her family and friends. With grandchildren now in the family, ACRES outings will continue for a new generation.

In 2017, Janelle expanded her joy of introducing others to the preserves by volunteering for ACRES by leading caravan hike events–driving and hiking from one preserve to another in a single outing. “Through the years, I have observed that the mission of ACRES brings people together from all ages and from all perspectives into a common mission.”  

Janelle has previously worked for the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department and the Pokagon State Park Nature Center. In 2020-2021, she and her husband had the opportunity to live and work in Northern Minnesota along Lake Superior’s shore and then in the snowy Sierra Mountains of Northern California. Experiencing the land and wildlife in those areas has been a highlight in Janelle’s life.

“I believe the mission of ACRES Land Trust is crucial and I am thankful and honored to assist in preserving land in our community and beyond.”  

“Our parks and preserves are not mere picnicking places. They are rich storehouses of memories and reveries. They are guides to the weary and faltering in spirit. They are bearers to wonderful tales to those who will listen; a solace to the aged and an inspiration to the young.”       –Richard Lieber

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