Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 05/19/2020

Angie O’Neill

Interview by Jason Kissel

Angie reluctantly agreed to be interviewed on video to describe her 50-year relationship with ACRES. Reluctant, because she didn’t want the attention on her, and she was nervous. But she agreed because it would help ACRES. That’s Angie—her desire to help greater than any obstacle that tries to get in the way.

I consider Angie an expert in relationships. She doesn’t use processes, methods, or tactics to build relationships. Instead, she is genuine: kind, concerned about the important things in life, eager to invest in and learn about others. She’s the type of person you want to be around. Thankfully, she’s been around ACRES a lot. Angie has served ACRES in multiple ways over the years—as a board member, volunteer, member, employee, partner, donor, advisor and connector of people.

Angie is motivated to help ACRES because of her love for land, desire to steward it well, faith in God and desire to leave a legacy. Perhaps you can relate. I encourage you to view the video: in just five minutes, you’ll gain a 50-year perspective on ACRES.

Thanks for sharing your ACRES story, Angie!