Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 06/22/2020

Summer Solstice 2020: Staff Outing

For staff development, relationship building … and fun! …  the ACRES staff enjoys seasonal outings for each equinox or solstice. We aim to stay close to the land and the communities we serve, so we take these days out, closing the office and hitting the road. We meet regional partners, businesses, educators, farmers, or other service providers; we share favorite local eateries and we enjoy time spent exploring, moving and refreshing our perspective.

ACRES staff and interns enjoyed a sunny summer solstice outing in Huntington County!

Our first stop was LC Nature Park in Roanoke. We were lead on a tour through the forests and fields by the LC director, George Manning.

LC Nature Park has a three-fold mission of experience, education, and conservation. By restoring and highlighting Indiana’s natural beauty, the Park strives to enable visitors to experience the wonders of our native flora and fauna.

The 200+ acre property contains a variety of habitats—forests, wetlands, grasslands, a stream, and a unique sand dune! George and others are working hard to restore farm fields they acquired to tallgrass prairie.

Many unique plants and animals can be spotted at the Park, including a small heard of bison and elk! These large animals graze the grasslands, keeping the habitats open and allowing educational opportunities for visitors to learn about prairie restoration and management.

Male “bull” elk taking a swim in a shallow pool, they have huge antlers!

LC Nature Park is currently working on a new educational center that will be used for visiting groups and events. If you are interested in learning more about the Park, or taking a group to visit, head to lcnaturepark.org.

After our sunny hike, ACRES crew picked up a lunch from the Joseph Decuis Emporium, a local farm to table restaurant that had established their own farm a few miles away! They are know for raising Wagyu beef, Mangalitza pigs, and free range chickens.

We enjoyed our picnic along the river at a closed property in Huntington. Afterwards, we geared up to hike Tel-Hy, a nearby ACRES preserve. The mile long trail travels down along a bluff, with views of the Wabash River.

ACRES hopes you’re inspired by our adventures to enjoy the wonders of your region – and of each passing season.