ACRES is a partner in the 2020 Allen County Trailblazers Program (Will be updated soon!)

The mission of the Allen County Trailblazers partners is:

“To encourage and promote exposure to the outdoors, provide opportunities for physical fitness and mental wellness, and to increase the awareness and support of all participating agencies.

The Allen County Trailblazer program runs from July 1 to December 31.

How can you participate?

You can hike 10 of 14 designated trails from partner organizations and receive a medallion for completing the challenge. You can also join guided hikes to help you meet your goal, make new friends and learn about the participating organizations.

Participating trails groups include: Allen County Parks, ACRES Land Trust, Little River Wetlands Project, New Haven Parks and Recreation, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and Fort Wayne Trails.

Visit to find more information and see the participating trails. 

Download the 2019 Hiking Form to view all participating trails and track your progress. (updates coming soon!)

Stay informed by following Allen County Trailblazers on Facebook

ACRES Land Trust Guided Trailblazer Hike Event


2020 Participating ACRES Trails