trailblazers_logoACRES is a partner in the 2016 Allen County Trailblazers Program

The mission of the Allen County Trailblazers partners is:

“To encourage and promote exposure to the outdoors, provide opportunities for physical fitness and mental wellness, and to increase the awareness and support of all participating agencies.”

The Allen County Trailblazer program runs from September 1 – November 30.

How can you participate? You can hike 10 of 15 designated trails from partner organizations and receive a medallion for completing the challenge. You can also join guided hikes to help you meet your goal, make new friends and learn about the participating organizations.

Participating trails groups include: Allen County Parks, ACRES Land Trust, Little River Wetlands Project, New Haven Parks and Recreation, Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and Fort Wayne Trails.

Visit to register and see the trails featured in this year’s program. 


Sunday, September, 2 – 4 pm
Metea County Park
8401 Union Chapel Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46845

You’re invited to visit with partnering agencies, enjoy a hike and check it off you list while you are there! For more information contact Bob Dispenza at 449-8619 or[email protected]

ACRES Land Trust Guided Hike 

Allen County Trailblazer participants are invited to join an ACRES hike:

Saturday, October 1, 10 am – noon

Herman F. Hammer Wald Nature Preserve
16905 Rupert Road, Grabill, IN 46741

About a mile hike, through relatively flat terrain.
Hammer Wald protects forested land in various stages of succession. Early in the hike, you will walk through a former field now dotted with ash, red maple, hawthorn, basswood, elm, black walnut and hop hornbeam— trees of early succession. Toward the back of the preserve, you encounter a mature forest of beech, hickory, sugar maple, tulip, cherry and oak trees. The variety of trees and stages of tree growth are matched by the variety of birds and wildflowers.

ACRES Preserves for the 2016 trailblazers program

Fogwell Forest
9630 Whippoorwill Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46809
61.5 acres
Depending on the trails you choose, you can walk almost 2 miles of trails through relatively flat terrain.
Features a bit of an old-growth forest with giant oak and beech, side-by-side to open grassland area.

Herman F. Hammer Wald Nature Preserve
16905 Rupert Road, Grabill, IN 46741
70 acres
1.2 miles of trails through relatively flat terrain.
Features a forest in succession – young growth and more mature trees toward the back.

Spring Lake Woods and Bog
12905 Lake Everett Drive, Fort Wayne, IN
107 acres
1 mile of trail on mostly flat terrain
Because it is a sensitive area, you won’t see the bog from the trail – but you will find woodland habitat for painted turtle, white-tailed deer, american toads and Pileated woodpeckers.

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