Posted by: Bridgett Hernandez

  • 07/11/2022

ACRES Stands Out with New Signs

You may have noticed that ACRES preserve signs have a new look! As part of our ongoing efforts to improve visitor amenities, we are replacing wooden preserve signs with aluminum signs.

In addition to being better able to withstand the elements over time, the new signs also increase visibility and strengthen the ACRES brand. The high-contrast, green-on-white lettering is much easier to see for those driving by. The new signs also prominently feature the ACRES logo. In the past, ACRES preserves have often been mistaken for state and county parks. It is important that the new signs are distinct, thus raising awareness of ACRES and our efforts to protect land throughout the region.

By 2025, we plan to have new signs posted at all ACRES preserves, including closed properties. Many people drive by land protected by ACRES without even realizing it. Adding new signs to these places will help raise awareness of the organization and the scope of our work in the region. With closed preserves outnumbering preserves open to the public, the new signs will also help reinforce that our primary mission is protecting land, not offering trails. Signs at closed preserves will include a “No Trespassing” warning.

At open preserves, we’ve installed two new signs at our trailheads. The first sign features eye-catching and easy-to-understand graphic icons to illustrate preserve rules. As part of ACRES commitment to protect the land we own, we want to encourage visitors to help us keep these habitats undisturbed.

We also added an exit sign that visitors will see as they leave the preserve, a sign asking: “Did you enjoy your visit? Please donate to help protect this place and many more like it” along with a QR code to donate. Many people don’t realize that ACRES trails are made possible by our members. This new sign aims to change that. We’re excited to deliver these messages to visitors after they’ve just been inspired by a great visit!

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