Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 04/13/2020

Membership makes ACRES Land Trust possible

To expand our ability to protect and care for land, ACRES aims to grow our most transformative asset: membership

Membership goals: By 2024, grow from 1,700 members to 2,400 members supporting ACRES through membership.

To do this, ACRES will attract new members while keeping the vast majority of today’s supporters.

Membership levels are now simplified: $20 annual membership. $500 corporate membership. $1,000 life membership. Any donation of $20 or more counts as a regular membership, making nearly every donor a member. (No more separate annual membership levels for families, individuals or seniors.)

ACRES is taking a leap of faith that the financial loss of $25 and $40 memberships will be more than compensated by both robust support from new members and continued support of members who give beyond their membership dues.

You can help!

This year ACRES celebrates it’s 60th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than by participating and welcoming more of the community to join us!

Take part in our 60 Ways to Celebrate checklist, meant to inspire fruitful activity all year long, this list is lush with options. Every action counts!

We’ve also made new business cards to help you easily share our mission, website, and contact information with friends and family.

You can request a few ACRES “business cards” and other materials to help share ACRES. Our brochure includes a membership form.

People like you who value land make all the difference, often in unanticipated ways. We look forward to achieving transformative goals with you!