Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 12/20/2017

I gave a gift

For a recent Christmas, I gave gifts to family and friends, as many folks do. I gave things I know they like — books, DVDs, candles, gift cards … One person on my list was my sister-in-law’s boyfriend. Having spent only a little time with him, I didn’t know too much about him except he was a relaxed, patient guy who enjoys good food, the benefits of exercise, and all aspects of nature. My gift to him seemed to be a no-brainer to me—an ACRES’ membership, a Preserve Guide, and a tree identification book.

I had gifted ACRES’ memberships before to friends with children or friends who enjoy hiking, but what an unparalleled response I received this time! He was delighted! He knew of ACRES through a friend. He has visited Vandolah, Fox Fire Woods, and the office at Dustin and embraced ACRES’ mission. Also, unknown to me, he had been wishing for a Preserve Guide!

This is what gift-giving is about—to bring joy to someone by giving them a thoughtful gift they appreciate and will cherish the whole year through. I know that he and my sister-in-law will be setting foot to the trails in many ACRES preserves in the near and distant future. I couldn’t be happier to have given a gift that will bring moments of peace, awe and exhilaration time and time again.

Looking for a unique, local, lasting gift to give? Through December 31, for $25, you can give the gift of membership and ACRES will send your gift recipient a free Preserve Guide as a special welcome.

$10 ACRES Preserve Guide to 70+ miles of trails on forever-protected land

You can give the gift of this incredible guide to more than 70 miles of natural trails throughout our region. As a member, your gift recipient(s) will have the satisfaction of being a part of this incredible legacy of protecting land–forever.

Each season, your gift recipient will receive the ACRES members-only Quarterly publication, filled with high resolution photos, a variety of events, land donor family histories and acquisition updates from the land.

You can help build the ACRES community today–and share the joy in protecting and trekking the places ACRES members help protect for years to come.

To participate in the offer, simply purchase a $25 gift membership between now and December 31, and ACRES will automatically send your gift recipient a Preserve Guide at no charge to you.

(You do not need to do anything other than purchase the gift using the online form. There’s no extra box to check or note to make. You can also mail in a check, your gift recipient’s name and address, and your name, address and phone number, to ACRES Land Trust, PO Box 665, Chapman Road, Huntertown, IN 46748. Or you can call 260-637-2273 to pay by credit card over the phone.)

ACRES Land Trust memberships protect land–for good.  Thank you for inviting new folks to play a part in this vital, rewarding work.