Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 01/09/2019

Snow Magic

from the Back Page

A snippet from ACRES’ members-only Quarterly
Winter 2016 | Vol. 55-No. 4

“I think this is the throne room,” whispers my seven-year-old companion, peering into a small clump of trees. She’s keeping a sharp eye out for the snow queen.

Tree limbs droop under the weight of sparkling snow, bowing gracefully into rooms and bowers suitable for sovereigns. A muffled silence lends to the aura of enchantment.

We’re exploring Beechwood Nature Preserve on a stolen morning. Snow has delayed our regularly scheduled lives, so we’re taking advantage of this beautiful white wonderland.

Children are delighted by snow, even when you might have forgotten the magic. Snow conceals autumn’s mundane leftovers, brightens the landscape and creates magical places where — you never know — you just might find a snow queen.

– Jill Noyes, ACRES member