Posted by: Bridgett Hernandez

  • 04/15/2021

A day in the life of ACRES Office Manager

Together with our members and volunteers, ACRES protects more than 7,200 acres of natural and working land in northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio and southern Michigan while maintaining 50 miles of trails for free public use. Seven full-time staff members ensure the protection of this land every day, but what does that work look like? This is the second post in our “A day in the life” blog series where we share our different roles and how they support our mission to protect land.

If you’ve ever called the ACRES office, it was probably Office Manager Natasha Manor who answered the call. Or you might have met her at an ACRES preserve while she was leading a volunteer workday!

Natasha’s attention to detail and excellent customer service skills ensure the business of protecting land gets done. Here, she shares what a “typical” day in her life looks like.

Natasha enjoys refilling the office bird feeders with feed donated by ACRES supporters.

A Day in the Life of ACRES Office Manager

By Natasha Manor

  • Follow up on December payroll issues with our payroll provider
  • Pay weekly bills and turn in to executive director for payment approval
  • Purchase gift and card for employee milestone event
  • Review and sign license agreement for new phone system
  • Move some 2020 financial files for storage
  • Follow up missing entries for December bank statement reconciliation
  • Coordinate with staff for office volunteer projects
  • Process donations in accounting software
  • Calculate, file and pay our 2020 sales tax to Indiana Dept. of Revenue
  • Talked to a partner organization regarding membership questions and our construction update