Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 09/08/2020

A Growing Community of People Who Care About Land

Membership has been a cornerstone of ACRES since we organized as an official nonprofit in 1960. It took five years to top 200 members; we hit 1,000 in 2004, and today, our membership has grown to nearly 1,800 individuals, families and businesses. We remain grateful to each and every one.

Our 12 founders kicked things off in 1960 by pitching in $2 each for their membership dues. We’ve managed to keep costs in check, adjusting amounts only four times in the past 60 years. Regular membership was increased to $5 in 1976; to $15 in 1993 and to $25 in 2006. Just this spring we eliminated the various levels of student, senior, family and more. Now, anyone making a donation of at least $20 is a member!

Today, members enjoy the full version of this newsletter, the Quarterly; as well as preserve postcards announcing newly-protected land; access to members-only gatherings and outings and the peace of mind knowing they’re part of something much bigger than any of us as individuals, part of a growing community of people who care about land.

Members help keep our mission moving forward. Thanks to our members, we’re able to provide free access to open properties. And the most meaningful part of membership is that it provides so much more than the money given. Members are the best resource for spreading the word about our mission of protecting local land.

Here are just some of the ways you share ACRES with others:

A membership with ACRES is one more voice that says “Protecting local land is important!” We have lofty goals for amplifying that voice over the next few years. We hope to increase our numbers to 2,400 members by the end of 2024. The math is simple: more people participating means more land protected and cared for. This is where YOU come in.

How can you help? If you aren’t already a member, please join today. If you are already a member — thank you! Please renew your membership and continue to share ACRES with others in all the wonderful ways you already do.

Through the end of the year, we’ll include a FREE preserve guide to each newly gifted member. And each current member who does so will be entered to win a special gift basket chock-full of ACRES gear.