You are ACRES. You make it possible to protect land.

You are the explorers seeking respite, adventure and everything in between on the trails. You are the members who take responsibility and come together to protect land. You are the volunteers who invest your time, energy and sweat into ACRES. You are the land donors who permanently protect the places that matter most to you.

These are a few of your stories.

Dave Brumm

“When you’re retired, you’re supposed to have fun. Instead, I was sitting around the house, not knowing what to do.” Dave Brumm taught math, philosophy, computer science and social studies for South Side High School and he had the education to support it. Dave earned an undergraduate degree in psychology form the Air Force Academy (he served in active duty for five years), a second major in meteorology from San José State and a Masters in Education from Indiana-Purdue University Fort ... Read More

Jason Swisher

“I have explored just about every river in Northern Indiana. The Wabash, Eel, Maumee, Mississinewa.” This past summer, ACRES member and local artist, photographer, and designer Jason Swisher participated in “Dirt in Our Hands,” an exhibit curated by local artists/friends Julie Wall and Daniel Dienelt. The show explored connections between people, plants and animals. Swisher’s artistic statement read like a well developed treatise on local preservation. How does a self-proc ... Read More

Mike Ray & Dave Saylor

“He left me for dead in the rain. On the Appalachian Trail. I’m not kidding. There’s a video.” That’s how Dave Ray introduces his hiking buddy, Mike Saylor. The two Ohio pastors recently visited ACRES’ office to check out Helen Swenson’s hand-drawn map of Wing Haven, to see the office, and to meet the staff who care for the land they love to hike. And talk about their hiking experiences. Dave and Mike explain that for them, ACRES preserves provide weekday sabbaticals, persona ... Read More