An autumnal forest with dirt trail cutting through it.

Posted by: Elijah Stewart

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  • 10/03/2023

Hidden Heroes

When you enter a healthy forest, you see a landscape dominated by trees standing strong and hardy, thriving in four seasons. You see these trees are made of many parts: heavy trunks, sweeping branches, knobby roots, lush leaves. You can imagine the plant’s tissue made of structures composed of cells creating a complex system of energy exchange too microscopic to see. But your inability to see these single cells’ efforts does not diminish their importance. Without these cells, the system would collapse, and eventually, the tree would perish.

Like a living tree, ACRES could not flourish without the varied and diverse efforts of folks like you!

We experience and appreciate your involvement in a variety of ways. We know ACRES members’ voices are being heard when an event planner invites us to host a booth after a mysterious individual has endorsed us, or when a hiker connects with someone on the trail and invites them to attend an ACRES event. And can you imagine our excitement when a potential land donor reaches out to us, saying they heard about our organization during a conversation at the grocery store!

No matter the action, hidden heroes help make ACRES mission possible.

To all of you who take a second to pick up a piece of trash along the trail or share an ACRES pamphlet with a friend, know that we see your efforts and we appreciate you! Our “tree” continues to grow and thrive as each act, seen or unseen, contributes to the community. To everyone who supports ACRES through acts of service — thank you!

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