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  • 05/14/2021

A day in the life of ACRES Outreach Manager

Together with our members and volunteers, ACRES protects more than 7,200 acres of natural and working land in northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio and southern Michigan while maintaining 50 miles of trails for free public use. Seven full-time staff members ensure the protection of this land every day, but what does that work look like? This is the fourth post in our “A day in the life” blog series where we share our different roles and how they support our mission to protect land.

Reena Ramos is passionate about spreading appreciation for our region’s natural areas. As outreach manager, she provides opportunities for people to feel more connected to these places through events, volunteering opportunities and presentations. These firsthand experiences spark deeper appreciation for the places ACRES protects and inspire people to become more involved in our mission. Here, Reena shares what a “typical” day in her life looks like.

  • 9 am: Check the outreach & event email,
    • Respond to questions and RSVP people
    • Update the events on donor management software and website
  • 10 am: Check main email
    • Answer workday questions (lots of tree planting questions)
    • Schedule a presentation with a church group in fall
    • Respond to questions from team members
  • 11 am: Checking up on volunteers
    • Enter volunteer time submissions and respond to concerns/questions
    • Did background check and send reference evaluations for two new applicants
    • Enter trail conditions/volunteer concerns into staff collaboration app
  • 1 pm: Mail ACRES merchandise
    • Prepare merch to ship
    • Stop by post office to mail merch and reference evaluations
  • 2 pm: Quarterly newsletter
    • Pulled New Member list, and In Honor of and In Memory of list for Q
    • Organized wishlist and thank yous from staff
    • Formatted content for graphic designer
  • 4 pm: Email newsletter
    • Started on volunteer monthly newsletter by updating events
  • 5 pm: Hike!
    • Explored Covell with family dog:)