Posted by: Reena Ramos

  • 03/09/2023

Land Acquisition Gains Momentum

We’re excited to report that 2023 will be a record-breaking year for land protection! Recent and upcoming land acquisitions total 752 acres, meaning the amount of land ACRES owns and protects is about to increase by 10 percent.

These acquisitions include eight properties that are valued at $7 million. Thanks to the full donation and discounted purchase of most of these properties, ACRES will acquire them for $2.6 million! We’ve already secured 63% of this funding.

We need your help to raise the remaining $1 million to cover the costs associated with protecting these places.

These natural areas are spread out across seven counties in our service area. They contain vital forests, wetlands, grasslands and rare habitats that haven’t experienced human disturbance in recent history. Urban sprawl is the biggest threat to these places. Once undeveloped land is drained, cleared and paved over, it becomes very difficult to return to a natural state.

In other words, the places we protect are irreplaceable.

They are arks of biodiversity, sustaining a multitude of plant and animal life. Their contributions to our quality of life are immeasurable from cleaning our air and water to providing opportunities for outdoor recreation and scientific research.

Let’s take action to protect more lands so that they can remain intact for centuries to
come. Please donate at acreslandtrust.org/forever, where we’ll share progress on our $1 million goal.

ACRES members make this work possible. Thanks to member support, we’ve been able to build the capacity to protect more land. We need your help to keep the momentum going. By the end of the year, we’re on track to surpass 8,000 acres of land protected forever!