Be a part of the counter culture that is taking the long view.

You value our region’s forests, wetlands and farmland, and want to see them protected today, tomorrow and forever. In 1960, a dozen forward thinkers shared the same sentiment when they started ACRES by each pitching in $5 to preserve local land. Over the last 62 years, their investment has grown to over 7,300 acres!

As development transforms local landscapes at a rapid rate, nature needs us to keep pace. The stakes are too high to choose inaction. Will you commit to making an end-of-year donation?

The land you help protect will remain intact and improve forever, providing wildlife habitat and opportunities for scientific research and recreation. These places sustain our communities, preserve the land and its history, and allow nature to continue its course for centuries to come.

Your gift of $20 or more includes ACRES membership:

  • You will receive exclusive invitations to unique events — art workshops, book discussions and guided hikes at closed preserves
  • ACRES will mail you a 20-page full color, Quarterly publication each season with stories about the land you help protect
  • You will experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are taking responsibility for what matters to you.