Protecting land, forever.

Countless ACRES members have carried out that mission passionately for over 60 years.

Our work becomes more critical as we look to the future. Federal wetland protections were recently rolled back, and the rate of development continues to outpace our ability to protect natural and working lands. A lack of funding is the only thing preventing ACRES from protecting even more of these valuable spaces.

So, we’re setting a target: $150,000.

Achieving this goal will replenish our land acquisition reserves so we can start working on two new projects: one located within an ACRES conservation priority area and one with public access.

Every donation of every size helps ACRES continue to purchase, protect, and restore places for us and future generations.

Your gift of $20 or more includes ACRES membership:

  • You will receive exclusive invitations to unique events — art workshops, book discussions and guided hikes at closed preserves
  • ACRES will mail you a 20-page full color, Quarterly publication each season with stories about the land you help protect
  • You will experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are taking responsibility for what matters to you.