Why do you support ACRES and protect your local land?

Do you have a favorite preserve or place on the trail? Do you enjoy protecting habitat for birds, or places for trees to continue growing? Some hike for exercise or to escape a busy lifestyle. Or maybe you hike for spiritual reasons, or to get outside with your family and pets. Perhaps protecting land forever inspires something you can’t put into words.

There are many reasons to support ACRES. We want to see and hear your story. You can submit a short video using the guidelines and tips below.

Submission instructions:

  1. Use this online form to tell us about your video
  2. You will be contacted with instructions on how to upload your video
  3. Videos should be between 2-3 minutes in length

Talking points:

  • Introduce yourself and or your family!
    Example: “We’re the Smith family from Auburn” or “This is Ann and Josh, we live in Wabash”
  • Try to show as much of your story as you can! Show the things or scenes related to ACRES that inspire you.
  • If you are a member, mention that you support ACRES. This will help us gain more support. Example: “I’m an ACRES member. I joined because …”

Filming tips:

  • Have you or your subject facing towards the strongest light source (sun, window, lamp)
  • Shoot your video wide screen (with phone or tablet on it’s side), not vertical
  • Consider filming at an ACRES preserve

Questions? Email [email protected] or call the ACRES Office at (260)-637-2273