You can visit the preserves with your group every day, from dawn to dusk, at no charge thanks to member support. Area nonprofits, schools, homeschoolers, youth groups, senior clubs and more explore the preserves for outings in all seasons. From nature study, to team building, preserve trails offer your group the opportunity to immerse your senses in the natural world.

If you’d like a guide for your hike through a preserve, you can request a Share the Trails volunteer hike leader. This group of volunteers loves sharing the trails. While we can’t guarantee a volunteer will be available for your particular hike, we’ll work to match your needs to the right hike leader. We suggest you make your request at least a few weeks in advance.

You can request a hike leader at [email protected] or by calling 260-637-2273.

Please let us know what you need:

Requested preserve location, date and time, group size

The nature of your group: classroom, after-school group, YMCA group, Scouts, Senior outing group, etc.

The ages of your group: children (ages or grade levels), teens, adults, seniors

The topic or interest of your hike: Trees, wildflowers, geology, wellness, birds, general, etc.

You will find it useful to know that the preserves do not have restroom facilities and parking is often limited to a few cars. A few preserves have facilities and larger parking areas and may require you to make arrangements in advance.

If you’d like help finding a preserve to fit your needs, please call the office at 260-637-2273.

Happy trails!