Would your group like to learn more about ACRES Land Trust, how we do our work and the natural areas we protect? Great! We love the opportunity to share our story, beautiful slides from the preserves and to answer you questions about protecting land.

We are happy to come to your location, or you can request a presentation and a hike at the ACRES office north of Fort Wayne, Wing Haven studio outside Angola, or Asherwood facility west of Wabash.

You can request a speaker by emailing [email protected] or calling the office at 260-637-2273.

Please let us know about your needs:

Requested date, time and location

The nature of your group: wellness, service, etc.

Estimated group size

Technology information: Do we need to bring a projector and screen or does your location have one?

Anything else? In the past, we’ve custom tailored presentations for staff training on customer service, for youth groups, for English Language Learners, for faith-based groups, homeschool groups and more.

Many thanks for your interest in learning more about ACRES. Happy trails!