This trail system is slated for retirement. It will close to the public by the end of 2024 as part of ACRES’ comprehensive plan to update visitor amenities at our nature preserves. Learn more at acreslandtrust.org/raisingourstandards

Preserve Description

This little gem’s level trails meander through a beautiful upland woods dominated by beech trees ranging from saplings to mature trees. The larger trees with smooth gray bark are reminiscent of columns rising toward the canopy. In late fall, you can recognize the beech saplings because they hold their light-tan leaves well into winter. Some of the property’s largest trees are oaks, and common woodland birds are abundant. Even though this preserve is named for its donor, Florence Badger, it is possible that a badger could be observed.

  • Address:

    9091 E. 300 S.
    Laotto, IN 46763

  • County:


  • Acreage:

    36.0 acres

  • Trail Length:

    0.4 miles

  • Trail Difficulty:

  • Year(s) Acquired: