Edna W. Spurgeon Woodland Reserve

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Address 9478 N. 600 W, Ligonier, IN 46767
County Noble
Acreage 65.0 acres
Trail length 1.2 miles
Trail difficulty
Year Acquired 1961, 1964
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State Dedicated Preserve

The Edna W. Spurgeon Woodland Reserve was the first ACRES property. It’s an area of low ridges, or kames, left by glaciers and cut by glacial meltwater. A climax forest of beech, sugar maple and tulip trees that are among the largest in the state covers the area. Beneath the trees grow large-flowered and sessile trillium (also known as toadshade), blue-eyed Mary, bloodroot, hepatica, celandine poppy, Dutchman’s breeches and squirrel corn.

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