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Acres Along the Wabash

Here along the Wabash River are sycamore, hackberry, burr and red oak trees that have stood along the river since Native Americans and early explorers paddled down the river. On the bluffs are sugar and black maple trees and red elms. In spring, there are warblers and other migrating birds in the trees. In summer, there are nesting birds such as the …

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Anna Brand Hammer Reserve

This is a forest oasis with a stand of mature red and white oak, hickory, cherry, beech and maple trees surrounded by cultivated fields. More trees have been planted on six adjacent acres to enlarge this oasis. A small stream, which dries up during periods of drought, winds through the forest, and several species of salamander live here. Bloodroot, squirrel corn, spring beauty, …

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Blue Cast Springs

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