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Deep ravines divide beech/maple and oak/hickory forests on narrow ridge tops. Over 300 species of woody and herbaceous plants and 140 species of birds have been observed. Divided by Asher Creek and flanked by wetlands, the preserve includes three diverse ponds and three types of trails: paved; wide and flat earthen trails; and narrow, winding trails climbing steep grades. ACRES holds a management …

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One of our smaller preserves, Hanging Rock contains a portion of a Silurian coral reef formed when Indiana and much of the Midwest was covered by a warm, shallow sea. When the Wabash River undercut the rock, the top of the rock was left overhanging its base, 65 feet above the Wabash Valley — thus the preserve’s name. Native Americans used …

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Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run is a spectacular gorge with waterfalls, reef fossils, exposed bedrock and vertical cliffs as high as 75 feet. On this terrain are mature oaks, some with trunks over four feet in diameter, as well as a diverse understory beneath the oaks and a spectacular display of spring wildflowers. The Ross …

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Kokiwanee features bluffs along the Salamonie River as well as streams tumbling down waterfalls into the river. This is a place of many species of trees; wildflowers, including snow trillium; and birds, from wood ducks and bald eagles on the river to great blue herons wading in the shallow water.

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This preserve provides a great example of an oak/hickory forest being converted into a beech/maple forest. The understory is native and diverse, and the property contains ephemeral wetlands that provide amphibian habitat and breeding areas. Even though the preserve is relatively small, wildlife is abundant.

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