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Blue Cast Springs

Blue Cast Springs protects over 3,000 feet of the Maumee River bank and was at one time the site of a natural spring once thought to have healthful properties. Bluffs 30-feet high offer vistas of the Maumee River and one of its islands. Native Americans likely used these bluffs to overlook the river’s canoe traffic. ...
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Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run is a spectacular gorge with waterfalls, reef fossils, exposed bedrock and vertical cliffs as high as 75 feet. On this terrain are mature oaks, some with trunks over four feet in diameter, as well as a diverse understory beneath the oaks and a spectacular display of spring wildflowers. The Ross ...
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The James P. Covell Nature Preserve contains 2,700 feet of the west bank of Cedar Creek. The preserve also safeguards 40 acres currently in agriculture production, 33 acres of emerging upland forest and 23 acres of mature forested floodplain. Several trees in the preserve are estimated to be more than 150 years old. ACRES will ...
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This preserve on the south side of the Mississinewa River is named after the landmark 25-foot limestone pillars, also owned by ACRES, which are located on the north side of the river. On top of the bluff grow red cedar, Juneberry and shadbush. In the preserve are beech, maple and other trees, as well as open meadow. The Miami Nation continues ...
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Tom and Jane Dustin
Trails wind through meadows and woodlands, one leading to a wetland filled in springtime with horned bladderwort and the call of spring peepers. Another trail climbs a steep hill along the preserve’s southern boundary formed by Cedar Creek, one of the only three designated Indiana Natural, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers. The ACRES office is located ...
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Wing Haven

Glacially carved kettle-hole lakes are bordered by a wetland fen system. In secluded areas, sandhill cranes have established nests. There are rolling meadows and surrounding uplands covered in an oak, hickory and red maple forest. In spring, a profusion of wildflowers, including white trillium, carpet deep ravines near hundred-year-old log buildings — one now used for ACRES events and another as the caretaker’s ...
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