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At this reserve, you will see three stages of forest succession. First, there is an open meadow with stands of hawthorn and gray dogwood. Then, there are early-stage woods of elm, shagbark hickory and maple, plus a mature forest of sugar maple, beech, oak and shagbark and shellbark hickory. Finally, there is a beech/maple forest. The three habitats and their variety of trees …

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Spring Lake Woods and Bog has long been recognized as significant to preservationists due to its sphagnum bog, orchids, pitcher plants, and plant life distinctive of northern muckland woods. The preserve protects shoreline of Lake Everett, Allen County’s only natural lake. It is also home to the rare four-toed salamander, and features distinctive plant life including cypress-knee …

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Tom and Jane Dustin

The ACRES office is located in this preserve. Built of cedar and stone on a bluff high over Cedar Creek, the office was originally the home of Tom and Jane Dustin, founding members of the organization. Trails wind through meadows and woodlands, one leading to a wetland filled in springtime with horned bladder wort and …

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This preserve is nature adjacent to the modern world in the form of Interstate 69, and the sound of traffic is ever-present. Yet the visitor who can ignore the traffic noise can enjoy the view of Cedar Creek from a high escarpment, as well as trails through old fields, by a marsh and across ravines. Beneath the trees, twinleaf, hepatica, Dutchman’s breeches, …

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