Your generous donations of any of these supplies help keep our overhead costs down to focus on our mission. Thank you!

Order from ACRES Land Trust’s Amazon Wish List:

Current needs
Car Wash gift cards
Compostable cups, plates, bowls and dinnerware (no Styrofoam please)
Copy paper
Dust buster or other hand-held vacuum
Gas cards
Hot cocoa mixes for hikes
Orbital sander New set of cordless tools (Contact: [email protected])
Snacks and homemade goodies for events
33-gallon trash bags

Ongoing Needs
Copy paper (24 pounds)
Gift cards for program refreshments
Flash drives 1GB and up
Invitations to present ACRES to your group
30 gallon (or larger) trash bags
Gravel for preserve parking lots
Prepaid cards (VISA/gas)
Speaking opportunities with like-minded groups (Contact: [email protected])
ACRES Memberships

“Handyman” project support
Logo embroidery for staff apparel

Staff/Volunteer/Hiker Fuel
Granola bars
Bottled water
Individually wrapped snacks or treats

Fund Development Needs
Shares of stock

Computer Needs
Compact SD cards

Preserve Needs
Hardware store gift cards
Car wash gift cards
Metal or heavy-duty plastic tiered shelving
Golf cart
Bosch belt sander
Bosch 2hp (or greater) plunge router
16′ trailer for land management
Kobalt toolbox and tools
Stihl or Husqvarna bar oil
Stihl or Husqvarna 2-cycle oil

Outreach Needs
Promotional space
Groups, places to share our presentation and story: Service groups, clubs, nonprofits
Logo embroidery for staff apparel
High quality, high resolution preserve photography
Your ACRES stories and photos from the trails
Facebook and Instagram followers and contributors
ACRES Memberships