ou can write and preserve your story on these pages. One of the finest legacies you can leave for future generations is a protected woodland, wetland, grassland, working land or naturally significant area or landmark.

ACRES is the largest and oldest local land trust in the region and has an unblemished record of adhering to donor intent.

Once ACRES protects your property, our name will always remain on the deed, guaranteeing its protection forever.

You have many options for protecting your land with ACRES:

  • as an outright gift
  • as a bequest, left in your will
  • as a reserved life estate, allowing you to live on your property
  • as a market-value purchase
  • and most frequently, as a discounted purchase

Click here to learn more about Protecting your land with ACRES Land Trust (PDF)

ACRES Land Trust accepts land in three categories:

  • Nature Preserves, or significant natural areas: forests, wetlands, native grasslands, unique geologic formations, and habitat for plants and animals including rare, threatened and endangered species.
  • Protected Land, or working land: farmland, managed forests, and property that donors wish to protect for other reasons.
  • Investment Property includes land that is not intended for protection. ACRES will accept land or items of value which could be sold for funds to help purchase a property desirable for permanent protection.


Click here to learn more about ACRES’ Land Categories (PDF)

ACRES evaluates the land we commit to protecting. Because assessing the natural value of land is site-specific and situational, this evaluation requires more than reviewing a checklist. If you have questions about protecting your land, we’d be honored to speak with you.

Thank you for considering protecting your land with ACRES Land Trust.