ACRES protects our local working land and natural areas – forever.

Together with our members, we help families and communities protect their important places.

  • ACRES serves the community’s and local landowners’ needs to keep a portion of their natural areas natural.
  • ACRES preserves significant natural areas: forests, wetlands, native grasslands, unique geologic formations, and habitat for plants and animals including rare, threatened and endangered species.
  • ACRES also protects working land: farmland, managed forests, and property that donors wish to protect for other uses.

About ACRES Preserves

  • ACRES provides more than 50 trail systems on preserves, open from dawn to dusk across our region.
  • Read our Preserve Rules and Frequently Asked Questions about how you can enjoy the trails and help ACRES keep these places natural.

About our organization

What makes ACRES unique here at home?

ACRES’ work is both local and tangible, with results you can walk on.

The majority of ACRES nature preserves are open dawn to dusk, free for exploration, hiking, photography, birding, field trips, family outings, group-building, inspiration and adventure.

ACRES takes seriously our promise to protect land forever.

Forever is not simply our promise – it is an essential element of our planning process. Forever impacts everything ACRES does from how we file paperwork to how we manage your financial support, our buildings and the preserves.

ACRES preserves natural areas and protects land forever, every day.

Forever is a long time. With ACRES, your part in forever begins anew, each day. Every day, new  life emerges on the preserves. Every day, trails must be tended, stories written, research conducted, hikes led and new participants must be connected to this beautiful work.

Much work goes into acquiring new properties; for ACRES, the day of closing and taking ownership marks the first day of working forever – every day for the land.

On ACRES preserves, life unfolds naturally, undisturbed.

ACRES protects land with reverence and respect for life and death. When you step foot in an ACRES preserve, you will find the trails are rugged, the woodland and meadows are wild, and trees are afforded the dignity to die in place, surrendering to the land from which they grew.  For ACRES, life unfolding naturally is primary.

In support of our work protecting land and preserving natural areas, ACRES:

  • Promotes the knowledge and appreciation of natural areas as living systems to which you belong
  • Minimally manages land with a priority on protecting natural resources
  • Educates communities about the importance of natural areas and their preservation
  • Encourages, provides access, and guidance through natural areas trail systems
  • Develops scientific, educational and public recreation use of natural areas
  • Strategically collaborates with and encourages other organizations and individuals to partner in and promote our mission